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I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but I developed a strategy I call CENSOR EYES sometime in my forties.  (I think it started then, my memory is shot!)

CENSOR EYES is like a Photoshop APP for your brain that allows you to look in your bathroom mirror and see yourself in a way that is rarely captured by a camera.

This more flattering reflection is achieved by a variety of tricks and strategies that become spontaneous over time...My CENSOR EYES are achieved by doing some of the following:

-Keeping the light directly over the mirror off....It casts nasty shadows and should only be used when applying eyeliner and mascara, that is when you've reached the age where you poke yourself in the eyes with these products because you can't see what you are doing. (for me that was this year)
Turn it off immediately after applying the eyeliner and mascara or the CENSOR EYES won't work.

-Keeping the other lights in the bathroom on of that I've reached the age where I can't see well close up or far away, I do need more light, preferably natural.

-Slightly lift your eyebrows, (as much as the Botox will allow), while simultaneously widening your eyes, and engaging your cheek muscles to lift with a slight Mona Lisa smile.

-Lift your chin.

-Try to not look below your collarbone...CENSOR EYES can't fix everything....

-Try not to let your significant other catch you doing CENSOR EYES....He or she will most likely make fun of you and try to turn on the light over the mirror.  Even your best friend might make fun of you if she catches you doing CENSOR EYES in the Ladies Room at the Bar during Happy Hour.

-I also found out recently, when I had an irritated eye and wore only one contact lens (because I was too vain to wear my glasses to a party), that having half of my vision fuzzy actually boosted the efficacy of my CENSOR EYES....I looked great!


Kardma posted a comment recently: "Desperately need a post on sagging bags beneath eyes. Is there a magic suction device? Strategically placed bobby pin? Help!"

Well Kardma, just as there is no Santa Claus, there is not, to my knowledge, any device or potion, that will make those under eye bags disappear....that is if they are the little fatty pouches that Mother Nature thinks are funny to inflict on us as we age.  (some products will reduce the appearance of puffiness) Mother Nature has a sick sense of humor, sometimes she'll even double bag you....producing an under eye area that looks like the top of a Parker Roll, with an indentation between two swellings.....I would also caution against rolling them up with a bobby pin, (ouch!), though pulling your hair back very tightly with bobby pins may lift facial skin a little and you might look cuter...though you also might look startled.

I fear eye surgery is the only totally effective method for removing these bags...This makes me very sad....Hate surgery, hate bags....Don't have enough money anyway...(Readers please prove me to be wrong!!)

So let's look toward potions that will help the eyes in other ways.


My good friend and neighbor Lucy turned me on to a new eye cream a few months ago.  This is her story:

"During a recent get together with friends, I noticed that most of them, although five to fifteen years my senior, had younger looking and smoother skin than I did.....After extensive internet research and polling of local beauties, I purchased a jar of OBAGI ELASTIDERM EYE TREATMENT CREAM. It costs approximately the same per ounce as fine caviar.....I was skeptical but determined to find something to minimize my puffiness, dark circles and evolving wrinkles.  I wanted a solution that did not involve surgery, needles, or pricey, multi visit treatments.....

Much to my surprise the 15 g jar of light blue cream proved to be every bit the miracle I had wished for....Within THREE DAYS of consecutive use, I witnessed noticeable results!  Two small dabs a day had reduced my puffiness, minimized my wrinkles and if not eliminated my dark circles, had at least rendered them less prominent.  The cream absorbs quickly and is non greasy.  I've had no problem applying make up over the eye cream nor does it diminish the "lasting power" of my cosmetics.  I've been using the OBAGI ELASTIDERM EYE TREATMENT CREAM for two months now and highly recommend it to anyone.  My jar is still 90% full, so I'm assuming it should last several months into the future.  This is one product that delivers results rather than empty promises: In short, worth every penny!!!"

Well Lucy had me at "THREE DAYS"!  (which was about when she told me about it)  I did some research, and found a site to buy it at a discounted price.  I've been using the cream for close to two months as well.  I find that it is light weight, very moisturizing and doesn't have a heavy scent.  A little goes along way, and it makes the skin look smoother... Didn't reduce my under eye bags, (I'm much older than Lucy), but the whole eye area looks better.  The cream can be applied below and above the eyes, and serves as a good foundation for my eyeshadow and concealer.

My friend and colleague Linda asked me  a week or two ago for a recommendation for a good eye cream....I turned her on to the OBAGI ELASTIDERM EYE TREATMENT CREAM...Being a woman that does her own research, she also talked to her provider at the Plastic Surgeon's office where she goes to get top secret procedures of some kind....Her provider also recommended the OBAGI ELASTIDERM EYE TREATMENT CREAM....and then suggested she ask their front office gal, Kathryn, for a recommendation, as she was the product expert.....Well, you know where this is going.....Kathryn also recommended the OBAGI ELASTIDERM EYE TREATMENT CREAM!!

Spooky! It has to be a sign....



I think that's pretty darn pricey...Shop around... I found it for as low as $51.99 on EBAY with free shipping...I bought mine at, it's currently listed for $54.47, free shipping on orders over $60.00.


I have no medical training what so ever.  Zilch.  Zero.  Nada.  I'm not even CPR Certified.

My opinions and those of contributors, are just that, opinions.

Most of my opinions are formed as a result of my personal experiences and rigorous scientific investigation such as polling my buddies at lunch or Happy Hour.

I am not the shill of any product manufacturer....

If after reading a review on this Blog you feel tempted to spend your hard earned money on a recommended product or procedure, check it out first with your medical provider or aesthetician.  Do your own research.  Use common sense.


All about Venus Freeze, an anti-aging and skin tightening procedure, which uses radio frequency (RF) and magnetic pulse technologies....First hand stories...and if I'm feeling very, very brave, before and after photos....

Thanks to all my readers who posted and emailed so many positive comments!



  1. Since you have so much left, perhaps I could come begging with a Barbie-sized tiny cup to give it the three day trial? You KNOW how cheap I am! Not that I know where you live or anything....

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