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Yes, I just heard the collective sigh of relief exhaled through out the land!

This is the story of my adventure into the realm of Boudoir Photography....

Getting ready to turn 60 this year has triggered a cascade of preoccupations with aging, and contemplation about who I want to be moving forward into the final chapter of life.  So one thing I thought would be pretty cool to do is to document what my body looks like now, with the thought of checking back every ten years or so, to record my body's changes as I hit 70, and the universe willing, 80 and beyond.

OK, seriously, I just lost 8 pounds, and it seemed like another interesting project, I got a great deal on Living Social, and who knows how long I can keep this weight off.


1)  If you are not accustomed to walking in high heels, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT wear three inch heels for your photography session!  I thought it would be really sexy to sport the heels with my slinky  outfits, but failed to remember that I have absolutely no track record of being able to walk safely in any shoe with a heel higher than an inch.  With each change of outfit, I had to navigate from dressing room to the staging area careening from one stationary object to another holding on for dear life....At the very least bring a walker with you, if you insist on wearing stilettos.

2) I happen to think that a woman's back is a beautiful thing, so one of the few more revealing photos I wanted taken was a back view with me sitting on my heels. These shots turned out really well...However, to avoid your rear end puddling over your heels like Sharpei jowls, you must slightly elevate your bum over your heels, for a period of time that feels like eternity....A painful, muscle screaming eternity! Be forewarned.

3) If your photographer coaxes you to to sit in a kneeling profile position with your bum on the floor between your legs on the floor and your back arched, there is a very good chance that you will not be able to rise to your feet on your own afterwards, that in fact you will have to call out to the photographer to come to your assistance and help hoist you back up to a standing position.  This is pretty intensely embarrassing.  This is also a physically painful process.  You will feel like you have dislocated important body parts.

4) Be specific about what you don't want.  No naughty cheer leader, ditto for naughty nurse or naughty school girl ( for Pete's sake, I'm turning 60!) No fluffy angel wing props, at my age that would be more morbid than hot....Most of my pics were with jeans and off the shoulder black top and a vintage beaded evening dress, with the aforementioned high heels.

Worth it??  All in all, yes.....A good photographer can take years and pounds off of you with great lighting and digital editing!


Late last fall, my eyes became acutely sensitive to the mascara I had been using for years.  I initially thought it was contact lens failure or corneal abrasions.  Since new lens and several courses of antibiotic eyedrops didn't resolve the problem, I went on the search for new eye make up products.

I have been using these two products for the past six months.  I can now apply mascara without feeling that my contacts are turning into potato chips on my eyes from the solvent fumes.



- Water resistant.
-"Color wears up to 16 hours", haven't timed it myself, but find it stays on until I take it off.
- It's liquid! Pencil liners slide right off of my eyelids.
- Flexible fine tipped applicator allows for applying a very fine or thicker line on the lid.
- Hypoallergenic
- Very reasonable price!

You can buy this at most drugstores or online at for $7.29 and at Ulta for $6.99.



- Free of harsh chemicals, solvents and synthetic preservatives.
- Creates a pretty thick lash.
- Removes easily and completely with water and cleanser or make up removal wipes. ( I use Neutrogena wipes)
- Very reasonable price!


- The flashy, shiny green, fake looking leaf container.

I can no longer find Physician Formula products on the shelves at CVS, Target and Walgreen stores.  However, I can still buy this product online.  $8.74 at Walmart online, $9.99 at Walgreens and Ulta online.



After several months of consistent use of Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream, I visited a new dermatologist who gave me a decent sized sample of TNS Eye Repair by Skin Medica.  Always one to try something new, I abandoned the Obagi and gave the new product a three week go.  The Skin Medica cream was light and penetrated nicely.  It also seemed to hydrate my delicate under eye skin better than the Obagi.

After just a few weeks however, I noticed a "loosening" of the skin near the corners of my eyes and along my upper eyelids.  Puffy, dark circles and fine lines that had been minimized with consistent Obagi use began to reappear.  My diet and sleep patterns had not altered so I concluded that the TNS Eye Repair just wasn't offering the tightening, smoothing benefits of Obagi Elastiderm.  I remain a loyal Obagi customer and have learned, if necessary, to add a moisturizer on top of the Elastiderm cream when my skin feels overly dry.



Upon the recommendation of my aesthetician's office staff person (as referred to in an earlier post) I purchased the Obagi Elastiderm eye cream.  I used it every AM and PM for six weeks.  No visible change.  It got such great reviews, and it's not cheap.  I was disappointed and puzzled.

After some pondering, I have come to the conclusion that I am older than the average customer for these products.  That is my latest theory about why they don't work so well for me.  Alas, the majority of the clients in my aesthetician's office ( which is also a cosmetic surgery practice) are younger than I.  I'm 61.  My father always said, "consider the source".  So I have been doing just that.

This led me to conclude that I need to narrow in on products designed specifically for "mature" skin.  A kind word, but we all know what it really means.  So I found "L'Oreal Age Perfect for mature, thinning skin Hydration Golden Balm Redensifying Comfort Moisturizer Eye Cream".  This is the product line that features Diane Keaton.  And she is definitely mature.  Plus it was on sale at Walgreen's for under $20.00, might normally be $25.00 but that's still less than most.

I've been using it for three weeks now.  It's a cream, thick enough, has no smell ( big plus), and a little goes a long way.  My eyes look less dry and wrinkled.  I don't have the puffiness or dark circles issues so I can't vouch for that.  So for now this product is working for me and I plan to stick with it.  I'll report after six weeks to see if I'm still enamored.


I just finished my first jar of Obagi Elastiderm Cream.  It lasted a good six months, so even with the high price tag, actually not a bad return on my investment.  Still found it to be an adequate moisturizing foundation for my eye shadow, light weight and not heavily scented.  I didn't really see any change to my lower eyelid crinkles. No change in puffiness.  I am fairly resigned to the fact that short of surgery, and clever make up concealment, there is not much to be done with the under eye bags.

I decided to try a new eye cream, Korres Antiaging and Antiwrinkle Eye Cream, with Quercitin and Oak, 0.51 ounce.  I picked it because it popped up on several Top Ten Eye Cream lists.  It is being shipped from Greece as we speak.  I will let my readers know how it works in a future post.  I will have my hubbie take before and after pictures of my eyes with out make up. Yikes!

6-12-13 Update
I decided to return the Korres eye cream.  Further research indicates it is highly perfumed.  I am very sensitive to fragrances in cosmetics.


I just finished reading "Counter Clockwise: My Year of Hypnosis, Hormones, Dark Chocolate, and Other Adventures in the World of Anti-Aging" by Lauren Kessler.

Very entertaining and informative. Highly recommend.


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