Sunday, January 27, 2013

This is how it started.....


 Welcome to SAVING FACE,  a blog for the mature woman who refuses to be bullied by the indignities of aging and side effects of gravity.

This Blog was conceived by my good friend Carmen, who claims I am the guru of anti-aging, and as such have a responsibility to share my knowledge and insights with a larger community.  Mostly she doesn't want to do a lot of her own research, and she trusts me...I take her trust seriously.  ( I also have more time to do obsessive research on line while I'm not sleeping since I have menopause induced INSOMNIA! )   She has also offered to contribute her own insights.....which are very valuable as she is the first of our group to cross over the 60's to 70's line...She has stories from the other side.

SAVING FACE will post personal reviews of products and procedures enlisted in the battle to fight the effects of aging, will share DEEP THOUGHTS about our battles and will try to help our readers to get their BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK as they fight against the ravages of time.

This Blog is for those of us who have looked into the ABYSS and reeled back wailing.

I am not using ABYSS as a literary device.

I have looked into the ABYSS.

This is what happens when you have an e-reader in your lap or propped on your chest in bed...and instead of seeing what is on the screen, you see your reflection in the screen.....This is the most unflattering angle of reflection in the known universe.....You find yourself looking at a visage reminiscent of a melting, multi chinned, bloodhound.....or your father....not your handsome smooth faced young father in World War II uniform.... but your late in life very aged father....this is very frightening.

There are no disclosures included with e-readers and ipads, by the way, warning users about reflection related traumas.  Be forewarned.


I have no medical training what so ever.  Zilch.  Zero. Nada.  I'm not even CPR Certified.

My opinions and those of future contributors, are just that, opinions.

Most of my opinions are formed as a result of my personal experiences and rigorous scientific investigation such as taking polls at lunch or at Happy Hour with my buddies.

If after reading a review on this Blog you feel tempted to spend your money on a recommended product or procedure, check it out first with your medical provider or aesthetician.  Do your own research.  Use common sense.

Next Week:

Favorite Anti Aging eye cream, and more!